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202-455-8888 Report: Rating:
Code of the Area: 202
Location - Country: United States
Location - State/Province: District Of Columbia
Location - City: Washington
Associated with Company: DSLNET COMMUNICATIONS VA, INC. - DC
Usage: Landline
International format: +12024558888
Prefix: 455

Time Zone: Eastern (UTC-05:00)
202-455-8888 is a Landline phone number associated with DSLNET COMMUNICATIONS VA, INC. - DC. The person is calling from Washington in District Of Columbia. Please review all other details and leave a feedback about this phone number, this will help other visitors looking for information about this particular phone number. We are also encouraging you to consult other sources of information such as phone books or yellow pages in order to obtain additional information about 2024558888 phone number. Social networks might also help finding called identity. Please contact us if you are sure that information on this or any other page is not correct.
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Political Call


Debt Collector

Prank Call


3 visitor(s) marked this number as "Scam". This means that the called was intended to implement some dishonest or fraud scheme. Do you agree with this? Please provide your feedback in the comment box on this page.
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Comments for 2024558888
  • stefanov 2019-06-09 18:05:15
    Phone number: +1 (202) 455-8888
    Call type: Scam
    Rating: -5

    Got a craigslist text wanted to buy my item. Text arrived from 5053021943, inquired if they could call. But call came from this text and number said to accept the call and punch in a code. I didn't do so.

  • kym 2018-12-16 14:44:45
    Phone number: +1 (202) 455-8888
    Call type: Scam
    Rating: -5

    Do not answer this amount - it's a scam. The individual requested me to buy something we posted on Craigslist. When I responded my telephone number was captured by them and used it to establish a phone number. Do not respond to 202-455-88 or even 904-257-6779.

  • emma 2018-11-30 19:26:40
    Phone number: +1 (202) 455-8888
    Call type: Scam
    Rating: -5

    No, this amount is not a scam, and no more, it does NOT belong to DSLNET. It's the telephone number they us that to its own users, to verify linked/forwarding phone numbers. The scam is the notorious Craigslist scam. People utilize networking trickery tell them a lie a, and to react to advertising, pretending to be interested in the vendors thing

Recent Comments

  • not a patsy
    2020-10-23 12:37:59
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    two calls today - zero messages. Now blocked. If your call isn't important enough to leave a message - don't call in the first place.

  • Evelyn White
    2020-10-21 23:00:44
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    This caller claims that he is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? But lives in Texas. Is it possible that somehow he brought the number with him? I don't know it's pretty weird.

  • Fletcher
    2020-10-21 15:54:32
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Carson Swesey’s Illegitimate business. Copy-cat Boutique. Failed attempts to operate, now online trying to scam consumers

  • Viola Gilbert
    2020-10-20 23:29:02
    Call type:
    Rating: -2

    Called stated she was employed by Amazon Security Department and my Amazon account was being fraudulently used, and asked me to log onto www.helpme.net\amazon\890630735. FIRST OF ALL as soon as she told me she was from Amazon - I knew this was a scam because I've reported e-mails and other calls to Amazon and was told they NEVER call their subscribers or customers. She then told me to

  • Shannon
    2020-10-20 22:00:47
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Didn't say anything

  • Citizen
    2020-10-20 21:39:10
    Call type:
    Rating: 0


  • Chris
    2020-10-20 16:55:16
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    WTF? Stop calling me M-F-er !!!!

  • Kim
    2020-10-20 15:45:43
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    Very harassing

  • Greg
    2020-10-18 21:57:00
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    Spam call

  • Derf88
    2020-10-17 21:15:52
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    Cell phone scammer

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