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647-367-2775 Report: Rating:
Code of the Area: 647
Location - Country: Canada
Location - State/Province: Ontario
Location - City: Toronto
Associated with Company: Fibernetics Corporation
Usage: Landline
International format: +16473672775
Prefix: 367

Time Zone: Eastern (UTC-05:00)
647-367-2775 is a Landline phone number associated with Fibernetics Corporation. The person is calling from Toronto in Ontario. Please review all other details and leave a feedback about this phone number, this will help other visitors looking for information about this particular phone number. We are also encouraging you to consult other sources of information such as phone books or yellow pages in order to obtain additional information about 6473672775 phone number. Social networks might also help finding called identity. Please contact us if you are sure that information on this or any other page is not correct.
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Political Call


Debt Collector

Prank Call


3 visitor(s) marked this number as "Scam". This means that the called was intended to implement some dishonest or fraud scheme. Do you agree with this? Please provide your feedback in the comment box on this page.
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Comments for 6473672775
  • Jim 2020-06-24 03:33:06
    Phone number: +1 (647) 367-2775
    Call type: Scam
    Rating: -5

    Phone # designed to scam underage kids into auto billing to their phone bill @ 39.99/min premium call with no warning of charges, etc. uses fortnite as a hook to lure them in.

  • suvarghya 2019-05-16 00:19:04
    Phone number: +1 (647) 367-2775
    Call type: Scam
    Rating: -5

    This amount called me several times and when calling again I got only atmosphere. On my second phone bill I had been billed $39.99/minutes for 2 calls of 1 minute per to this amount. Be aware, do not call this quantity, or any quantity that is unknown, unless you know that it is!

  • junio 2018-12-30 00:19:10
    Phone number: +1 (647) 367-2775
    Call type: Scam
    Rating: -5

    This amount called me a few occasions and when phoning again I got only dead air. On my second phone bill I had been charged $39.99/min for two calls of 1 second per for this number. Take note, don't call some other number that is unknown, or this number, unless you know that it is!

Recent Comments

  • Kathy
    2020-11-28 20:24:42
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    Harrassing text

  • Men
    2020-11-27 23:50:51
    Call type:
    Rating: 5

    My uncle's number dude

  • Peters
    2020-11-27 23:49:53
    Call type:
    Rating: 5


  • Kath
    2020-11-27 23:48:30
    Call type:
    Rating: 5

    Positive number

  • Sable
    2020-11-27 23:47:15
    Call type:
    Rating: 5

    Hello this is not a scam number

  • Ryan
    2020-11-27 23:45:29
    Call type:
    Rating: 5

    This number is my uncle"s number and it's not scammers number

  • Mohammed
    2020-11-25 17:26:14
    Call type:
    Rating: -5


  • Bettie
    2020-11-25 16:55:22
    Call type:
    Rating: -2

    Calls my phone and hangs up after one ring. Caller ID just says NewYork, New York. Search shows it's a Verizon phone in New York City (I'm in Grand Rapids, MI and know no one from New York). I called the number right back from my office phone and I got a recording that the # is not in service.

  • Robin Holmes
    2020-11-22 04:33:36
    Call type:
    Rating: 4

    Need address of my brother

  • JJ
    2020-11-19 00:26:24
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    Looking for their kidnapped/lost sister named Megan might be a prank caller

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