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717-207-8665 Report: Rating:
Code of the Area: 717
Location - Country: United States
Location - State/Province: Pennsylvania
Location - City: Lancaster
Associated with Company: VERIZON PENNSYLVANIA, INC.
Usage: Landline
International format: +17172078665
Prefix: 207

Time Zone: Eastern (UTC-05:00)
717-207-8665 is a Landline phone number associated with VERIZON PENNSYLVANIA, INC.. The person is calling from Lancaster in Pennsylvania. Please review all other details and leave a feedback about this phone number, this will help other visitors looking for information about this particular phone number. We are also encouraging you to consult other sources of information such as phone books or yellow pages in order to obtain additional information about 7172078665 phone number. Social networks might also help finding called identity. Please contact us if you are sure that information on this or any other page is not correct.
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Political Call


Debt Collector

Prank Call


1 visitor(s) marked this number as "Scam". This means that the called was intended to implement some dishonest or fraud scheme. Do you agree with this? Please provide your feedback in the comment box on this page.
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Comments for 7172078665
  • your name 2019-10-03 15:41:24
    Phone number: +1 (717) 207-8665
    Call type: Scam
    Rating: -5

    keeps calling my office

Recent Comments

  • Jane Doe
    2019-12-13 23:21:04
    Call type:
    Rating: -3

    No message left. Caller ID said "UNKNOWN NAME". And so since they're hiding I'm assuming the caller is a spammer of some variety. If they were legit, they'd have left a message. If they were legit, they should ALSO have apologized for misdialing....

  • Pug
    2019-12-13 21:55:12
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    CRA scam.....origin of number believed to be Telephone codes in Mumbai Maharashtra India +912262120000. It's so nice that some countries allow these areas to defraud the rest of the world.

  • Puggies
    2019-12-13 21:47:24
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    Even though listed as St.Thomas, Ont., I believe it's out of country to obtain your SIN to be used for fraud...if number was local, law enforcement would have already stopped it. The claim is to be CRA enforcement.

  • Fran
    2019-12-13 18:21:47
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Text to buy house I’ve never heard of. Repeated texts with similar numbers

  • Peter
    2019-12-13 15:13:27
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Credit card reward scam

  • chandler
    2019-12-12 21:04:58
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    calling claiming to be CRA

  • Jodi
    2019-12-12 20:01:36
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    From John Sauder Chevrolet of Ephrata, PA

  • RM
    2019-12-12 18:30:11
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    "Legal enforcement actions which has been filed under your social insurance number for some suspicious activity. We've got a request from the Canadian Border Service Agency to suspend your social insurance number right away. So kindly call us back for further information. Thank you and have a nice day. If you wish to speak with our executive. Then press one now.

  • Scam
    2019-12-12 17:20:01
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    This number is a scam. You can't call it back. If you ask them not to call back they hang up. Then call back the next day or 2 or 3 times a day

  • Nancy
    2019-12-12 17:16:16
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    I've been getting calls from this number two to three times a day and when I answer it's silent

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