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Area Code:204
Major City:Winnipeg
Time Zone:Central (UTC-06:00)
204 is a phone number area code located in the city of Winnipeg in Manitoba. Here you can find all details and phone numbers on this area code.
Active Prefixes in Area Code 204
Prefix Primary City Usage Company
204-200-XXXX Winnipeg Landline FlexITy Solutions Inc
204-201-XXXX Winnipeg Landline Allstream Inc.
204-202-XXXX Winnipeg Landline Fibernetics Corporation
204-203-XXXX Portage La Prairie Landline Provincial Tel Inc.
204-205-XXXX Brokenhead Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-206-XXXX Teulon Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-207-XXXX Roblin Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-208-XXXX Pilot Mound Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-209-XXXX Letellier Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-210-XXXX Minnedosa Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-212-XXXX Arden Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-213-XXXX Lac Du Bonnet Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-214-XXXX Eriksdale Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-215-XXXX Boissevain Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-216-XXXX Altona Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-217-XXXX Altona Landline Provincial Tel Inc.
204-218-XXXX Winnipeg Wireless TELUS Mobility
204-219-XXXX Winnipeg Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
204-220-XXXX Winnipeg Landline Bell West Inc.
204-221-XXXX Winnipeg Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
204-222-XXXX Winnipeg Landline MTS Inc.
204-223-XXXX Winnipeg Landline MTS Inc.
204-224-XXXX Winnipeg Landline MTS Inc.
204-225-XXXX Winnipeg Landline MTS Inc.
204-226-XXXX Winnipeg Wireless MTS Inc.
204-227-XXXX Winnipeg Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-228-XXXX Winnipeg Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-229-XXXX Winnipeg Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-230-XXXX Winnipeg Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
204-231-XXXX Winnipeg Landline MTS Inc.
204-232-XXXX Winnipeg Wireless MTS Inc.
204-233-XXXX Winnipeg Landline MTS Inc.
204-234-XXXX Oakburn Landline MTS Inc.
204-235-XXXX Winnipeg Landline MTS Inc.
204-236-XXXX Brampton Landline MTS Inc.
204-237-XXXX Winnipeg Landline MTS Inc.
204-238-XXXX Bowsman Landline MTS Inc.
204-239-XXXX Portage La Prairie Landline MTS Inc.
204-240-XXXX Portage La Prairie Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
204-241-XXXX Portage La Prairie Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
204-242-XXXX Manitou Landline MTS Inc.
204-243-XXXX Portage La Prairie Landline MTS Inc.
204-244-XXXX Poplar River Landline MTS Inc.
204-245-XXXX Pilot Mound Wireless MTS Inc.
204-246-XXXX Darlingford Landline MTS Inc.
204-247-XXXX Roblin Wireless MTS Inc.
204-248-XXXX Notre Dame De Lourdes Landline MTS Inc.
204-249-XXXX Portage La Prairie Landline MTS Inc.
204-250-XXXX Winnipeg Wireless MTS Inc.
204-251-XXXX Winnipeg Wireless MTS Inc.

Recent Comments

  • Morgan Weisner
    2021-01-16 09:13:00
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    Individual sent text message claiming e-transfer of x amount of CAD with link attachment. When click on link attachment, dangerous website warning pops up. Definitely screams "scam"

  • Paul
    2021-01-13 16:55:32
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Asking for a deposit to sell puppies without offering any type of warranties, and keep texting since 6am :)

  • John Doe
    2021-01-13 16:05:16
    Call type:
    Rating: 0


  • KD
    2021-01-11 22:18:51
    Call type:
    Rating: -3

    Got a text from this number for Amoz Lopez whoever that is. They need to make sure they have the correct number before they kerp texting this person to call them unless it is a spam to see if I would answer. This is the 2nd time in 2 months.

  • B
    2021-01-09 22:58:39
    Call type:
    Rating: -2

    Sent survey via text

  • Dean Johnson
    2021-01-08 23:40:20
    Call type:
    Rating: 5

    This is the contact phone number associated with Licensekey24.com. Call must be routed through Toronto, but it is the technical support line.

  • SGH
    2021-01-07 19:21:47
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Received two calls about 40 minutes apart....a recorded "auto warranty" message.

  • Sally May
    2021-01-05 18:45:02
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Call no message

  • J. Doe
    2021-01-04 19:48:25
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Someone/something has texted me twice. The beginning of the text (as seen in notification without opening the text) seems friendly enough. However, since the number is not saved in my contacts, I don't open or reply. Since it's a landline texting my cell phone, I'm assuming it's a scam, and therefore harassment.

  • FieroDough
    2021-01-02 16:23:55
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Scammer! Claims to sell used tires online, asks for deposit and never shows up with the tires. Takes you money and runs. Scammer!

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