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Area Code:306
Major City:Saskatoon
Time Zone:Central (UTC-06:00)
306 is a phone number area code located in the city of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan. Here you can find all details and phone numbers on this area code.
Active Prefixes in Area Code 306
Prefix Primary City Usage Company
306-201-XXXX Regina Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-202-XXXX Saskatoon Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-203-XXXX Saskatoon Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-205-XXXX Regina Landline Allstream Inc.
306-206-XXXX Regina Landline Allstream Inc.
306-207-XXXX La Ronge Wireless TELUS Mobility
306-208-XXXX North Battleford Wireless TELUS Mobility
306-209-XXXX Regina Wireless TELUS Mobility
306-210-XXXX Unity Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-212-XXXX Rosthern Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-213-XXXX Wakaw Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-215-XXXX Lashburn Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-216-XXXX Regina Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-217-XXXX Saltcoats Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-218-XXXX Saint Walburg Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-219-XXXX Rosetown Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
306-220-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel Mobility
306-221-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel Mobility
306-222-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel Mobility
306-223-XXXX Rosthern Landline SaskTel
306-224-XXXX Kipling Landline SaskTel
306-225-XXXX Hague Landline SaskTel
306-226-XXXX Leask Landline SaskTel
306-227-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel Mobility
306-228-XXXX Unity Landline SaskTel
306-229-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel Mobility
306-230-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel Mobility
306-231-XXXX Humboldt Landline SaskTel Mobility
306-232-XXXX Rosthern Landline SaskTel
306-233-XXXX Wakaw Landline SaskTel
306-234-XXXX Meadow Lake Landline SaskTel
306-235-XXXX Bufflo Narrows Landline SaskTel
306-236-XXXX Meadow Lake Landline SaskTel
306-237-XXXX Perdue Landline SaskTel
306-238-XXXX Goodsoil Landline SaskTel
306-239-XXXX Osler Landline SaskTel
306-240-XXXX Meadow Lake Landline SaskTel Mobility
306-241-XXXX Saskatoon Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
306-242-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel
306-243-XXXX Outlook Landline SaskTel
306-244-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel
306-245-XXXX Francis Landline SaskTel
306-246-XXXX Speers Landline SaskTel
306-247-XXXX Wilkie Landline SaskTel
306-248-XXXX Saint Walburg Landline SaskTel
306-249-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel
306-250-XXXX Saskatoon Wireless SaskTel Mobility
306-251-XXXX Saskatoon Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
306-252-XXXX Davidson Landline SaskTel
306-253-XXXX Aberdeen Landline SaskTel

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    Scam- same scammer with multiple 202 #’s!

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