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Area Code:639
Major City:Regina
Time Zone:Central (UTC-06:00)
639 is a phone number area code located in the city of Regina in Saskatchewan. Here you can find all details and phone numbers on this area code.
Active Prefixes in Area Code 639
Prefix Primary City Usage Company
639-236-XXXX Bufflo Narrows Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-237-XXXX Goodsoil Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-263-XXXX Cut Knife Landline Bell West Inc.
639-275-XXXX Lestock Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-280-XXXX Watson Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-314-XXXX Prince Albert Wireless TELUS Mobility
639-315-XXXX Pinehouse Wireless TELUS Mobility
639-316-XXXX Regina Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-317-XXXX Saskatoon Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-328-XXXX Kelvington Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-343-XXXX Paradise Hill Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-355-XXXX Mossbank Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-379-XXXX Elrose Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-394-XXXX Rouleau Landline Iristel Inc.
639-440-XXXX Milestone Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-444-XXXX Francis Landline SaskTel
639-450-XXXX Estevan Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-457-XXXX Tribune Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-460-XXXX Midale Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-471-XXXX Saskatoon Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-480-XXXX Saskatoon Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-488-XXXX Lampman Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-528-XXXX Regina Landline Access Communications Co-operative Limited
639-548-XXXX Hafford Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-571-XXXX Regina Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-590-XXXX Regina Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-600-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-601-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-602-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-603-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-604-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-605-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-606-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-607-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-608-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-609-XXXX Regina Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
639-625-XXXX Regina Landline SaskTel
639-635-XXXX Saskatoon Landline SaskTel
639-653-XXXX Prudhomme Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-670-XXXX Maidstone Landline Access Communications Co-operative Limited
639-739-XXXX Regina Landline Iristel Inc.
639-740-XXXX Regina Landline Iristel Inc.
639-751-XXXX Raymore Landline Navigata Communications Limited
639-760-XXXX Prince Albert Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-768-XXXX Fort Quappell Wireless Bell Mobility
639-821-XXXX La Loche Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-822-XXXX Neilburg Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-832-XXXX Ilealacros Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-836-XXXX Loon Lake Wireless SaskTel Mobility
639-840-XXXX Lloydminster Wireless SaskTel Mobility

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    spam scam

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    Hung up when answered

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    Wondering who called me

  • Erin
    2020-02-20 19:13:02
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    stated his name was Joseph from Tax Relief - told him i was on the DNC list and he hung up

  • Sherrie
    2020-02-20 18:49:52
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    Caller ID on mobile phone said Benefit Advisors. Left no message

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    Nigerian con artist pretending to be with Homeland security, but not smart enough to even wash car windshields outside of their offices. Just too stupid to breathe.

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    2020-02-19 22:35:01
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    calls and hangs up. No answer.

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