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Area Code:705
Major City:Barrie
Time Zone:Eastern (UTC-05:00)
705 is a phone number area code located in the city of Barrie in Ontario. Here you can find all details and phone numbers on this area code.
Active Prefixes in Area Code 705
Prefix Primary City Usage Company
705-200-XXXX Mattawa Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
705-201-XXXX Peterborough Landline ISP Telecom
705-202-XXXX Campbellford Landline ISP Telecom
705-203-XXXX Parry Sound Wireless TELUS Mobility
705-204-XXXX Bracebridge Wireless TELUS Mobility
705-205-XXXX Bracebridge Wireless TELUS Mobility
705-206-XXXX Sault Ste Marie Wireless TELUS Mobility
705-207-XXXX Sudbury Landline TELUS Mobility
705-208-XXXX Algoma Mills Landline TELUS Mobility
705-209-XXXX Midland Landline TELUS Mobility
705-210-XXXX Gore Bay Wireless TELUS Mobility
705-212-XXXX Lindsay Landline Fibernetics Corporation
705-213-XXXX Bobcaygeon Landline Durham.net Inc (o/a Telnet Communications)
705-214-XXXX Cannington Landline Fibernetics Corporation
705-215-XXXX Fenelon Falls Landline Fibernetics Corporation
705-216-XXXX Coboconk Landline Fibernetics Corporation
705-217-XXXX Beaverton Landline Fibernetics Corporation
705-218-XXXX Mattawa Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
705-219-XXXX Sunderland Landline Fibernetics Corporation
705-220-XXXX Barrie Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
705-221-XXXX Timmins Wireless TELUS Mobility
705-222-XXXX Sudbury Landline ExaTEL Inc.
705-223-XXXX North Bay Landline ExaTEL Inc.
705-224-XXXX Huntsville Landline ExaTEL Inc.
705-225-XXXX Timmins Landline Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-227-XXXX Algoma Mills Wireless Bell Mobility
705-228-XXXX Udora Landline Bell Canada
705-229-XXXX Barrie Wireless Bell Mobility
705-230-XXXX Borden Angus Landline Iristel Inc.
705-231-XXXX Iroquois Falls Nt Wireless Bell Mobility
705-232-XXXX Iroquois Falls Nt Landline Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-233-XXXX Sultan Landline Bell Canada
705-234-XXXX Missanabie Landline Bell Canada
705-235-XXXX South Porcupine Landline Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-236-XXXX Ramore Landline Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-237-XXXX Temagami Landline O.N. Tel Inc.
705-238-XXXX Orillia Landline Bell Canada
705-239-XXXX Biscotasing Landline Bell Canada
705-240-XXXX South Porcupine Landline ExaTEL Inc.
705-241-XXXX Barrie Wireless Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
705-242-XXXX Orillia Landline Iristel Inc.
705-243-XXXX Peterborough Landline Iristel Inc.
705-244-XXXX Capreol Landline Bell Aliant Regional Communications
705-245-XXXX Midland Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
705-246-XXXX Saint Joseph Island Landline Bell Canada
705-247-XXXX Christna Lake Landline Bell Canada
705-248-XXXX Echo Bay Landline Bell Canada
705-250-XXXX Alliston Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
705-251-XXXX Sault Ste Marie Landline ExaTEL Inc.
705-252-XXXX Barrie Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)

Recent Comments

  • Dallas Resident
    2021-01-20 17:39:59
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    only identified as a employee number, no information about who they are or what company they are calling from. very aggressive message looking for the location of someone.

  • Nigera Powell
    2021-01-20 13:00:52
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Using my social and bank account information.

  • Patrick
    2021-01-19 23:46:33
    Call type:
    Rating: -5


  • Dwayne Smith
    2021-01-19 21:41:23
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    Credit One Bank

  • Morgan Weisner
    2021-01-16 09:13:00
    Call type:
    Rating: 0

    Individual sent text message claiming e-transfer of x amount of CAD with link attachment. When click on link attachment, dangerous website warning pops up. Definitely screams "scam"

  • Paul
    2021-01-13 16:55:32
    Call type:
    Rating: -5

    Asking for a deposit to sell puppies without offering any type of warranties, and keep texting since 6am :)

  • John Doe
    2021-01-13 16:05:16
    Call type:
    Rating: 0


  • KD
    2021-01-11 22:18:51
    Call type:
    Rating: -3

    Got a text from this number for Amoz Lopez whoever that is. They need to make sure they have the correct number before they kerp texting this person to call them unless it is a spam to see if I would answer. This is the 2nd time in 2 months.

  • B
    2021-01-09 22:58:39
    Call type:
    Rating: -2

    Sent survey via text

  • Dean Johnson
    2021-01-08 23:40:20
    Call type:
    Rating: 5

    This is the contact phone number associated with Licensekey24.com. Call must be routed through Toronto, but it is the technical support line.

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